Berrima Court House

The Berrima Court House can now truly lay claim to offer visitors a remarkable and extraordinary theatrical experience. A new sound and light show innovation brings together the very latest in audio visual technology.
At the press of a button the visitor will find all their senses heightened to a level seldom experienced, as a narrator suddenly appears from out of the darkened court room & gives a historical chronicle to events in Berrima all in 5.1 surround sound.
This visual prelude also includes the trial of the infamous murderers of the 1840s.
As you are encircled on all sides by jury, public gallery, clerks of the court, barristers, the judge, and the accused this all goes to enhance the occasion. The terrible and final judgment will astonish most as the judge suddenly appears and makes his final summation as to what happens after execution.
The visit to the courthouse promises any one a most memorable encounter.
Don’t forget to explore the ‘Petty Jury Bookshop’ when visiting the Berrima Courthouse. You will find an amazing collection of books on Australian history including the contemporary pictorial series on NSW towns and suburbs.

Wilshire & Argyle St Berrima
Ph: 48771505

10.00 to 4.00

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