Lolly Swagman

The Lolly Swagman is an old fashioned lolly shop that has been serving up a huge range of lollies, sweets and indulgences for more than 29 years in the heart of Berrima village. Whatever your sweet tooth desires, the Lolly Swagman has something for everyone: hard boiled lollies, soft chewy sweets, licorice, chocolates, lolly pops, locally made fresh fudge, classic British and American candies and confectionery, from near and far. Some made right here by us, some you have not seen for years and even more you have yet to savour. It’s a real wow experience!

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116 Old Hume Highway Berrima, NSW 2577
Ph: +61 (02) 4877 1137

So many of our best childhood memories are tied up with the lollies we used to eat and so many friendships were forged around those lollies, fudge and chocolates we used to share. The Lolly Swagman welcomes you into our wonderful world of sweets, treats and indulgences and invites you to come and travel back in time to those good old days of the corner lolly shop with us!
We will surprise you with just how sweet we are, right here in historic Berrima in the glorious Southern Highlands.


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