5 Things to Do this Australia Day in Berrima

Australia Day in Berrima – The Perfect Blend of History and Celebration

Nestled in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Berrima is a charming village that exudes history, character, and a unique Australian charm. This Australia Day, consider escaping the bustling city life and immersing yourself in the rich heritage and festivities that Berrima has to offer. Here are five delightful activities to make your Australia Day in Berrima truly memorable.

Here’s our suggestions for 5 Things to Do this Australia Day in Berrima

1. Attend the Australia Day Celebrations

Start off your day by joining in the Australia Day celebrations taking place in Berrima. Festivities often include the grand street parade, citizenship ceremony, live music and entertainment, vintage car displays and family-friendly activities. For more Australia Day in Berrima celebrations details.

2. Stroll Down Historic Streets

Berrima village is lined with heritage-listed buildings that showcase the village’s colonial past. Take a leisurely stroll down the cobblestone streets, admire the well-preserved architecture, and explore boutique shops and art galleries. Enjoy a coffee at one of the quaint cafes or pick up unique souvenirs to remember your visit.

3. Picnic in the Berrima Nature Reserve

Pack a picnic basket and head to the Reserve, a picturesque green space surrounded by nature and the Wingecarribee River. Spread out a blanket, savour local produce, and relax in the serene atmosphere.

4. Visit the Surveyor General Inn

Make your way to The Surveyor General Inn , Australia’s oldest continuously licensed inn. Dating back to 1834, this charming establishment is steeped in history and offers a warm, traditional pub atmosphere. Enjoy a hearty meal and raise a glass to Australia Day with a selection of local wines and beers. The inn’s period decor and friendly locals create an authentic experience that transports you back in time.

5. Wander through the Secret Gardens of Harper’s Mansion

Experience the enchantment of Harpers Mansion National Trust , an elegant 19th-century homestead surrounded by captivating gardens. The lush gardens are a perfect escape, providing a tranquil setting to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature. Harper’s Mansion offers a unique perspective on Berrima’s history and provides a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking a leisurely and picturesque stroll.

We invite you to celebrate Australia Day in Berrima. With its historic charm and welcoming atmosphere, Berrima offers a unique Australia Day experience. From exploring convict-built structures to indulging in local cuisine, the village provides a perfect blend of history and celebration. This Australia Day, escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Berrima, where every cobblestone tells a story of Australia’s past.

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